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Catch the adventures of Lulu & Hugo!!

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The Puppet Show on Day 2 was fantastic and entertaining.  The facilitators are attentive and prepared.

-Ms Cheryl Chang, Senior Principal from Learning Vision @ Revenue House (Tale of a Puppet – Ino Kiyo December 2010)

The girls had a great time, and really enjoyed being in the same group, esp Min, who really needed to have her older sister around to give her moral support. They told me so much about the camp, giving me blow by blow accounts of the puppet story and what they did each day. I'm so glad we signed them up for this, and I would love to send them for more of your camps in future! Please put me on your mailing list if there is one! Great job!

-Ms Rachel, Parent of Chuan En & Chuan Min (Tale of a Puppet – Ino Kiyo December 2010)

Your class had given Ahrenn a wonderful opportunity to learn and express himself freely in a creative and comfortable environment. He thoroughly enjoys attending the classes and always has lots of fun. The final performance at the end of the year is a fantastic and display of how the children grow in confidence.

-Mr Amil Lopez (Parent of Ahrenn)