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Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps

Our Holiday Camps are especially designed to offer fun, interactive, and educational activities for children during June and December school holidays.

Children are strongly encouraged to use their creativity and independence when participating in these events. The camps are designed to give the child a well-rounded experience from the physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects of their development.

It is believed that children learn the best through play. The camps are not only fun, but have clear learning objectives. They stimulate children both physically and mentally.

What Your Child Will Gain From Attending Our Camps

Learn new skills
Interesting activities and games
Interaction between children from all walks of life
Age appropriate activities
Engaging presenters and performances
Low teacher – child ratio

Past Camps

Some of our past camps include:

Time Travellers --> From Temasek To Singapura (Jun 06)

Over 3 exciting days, our little Time Travellers willl journey back in time to discover Singapore’s humble beginnings and how our nation has grown to what it is today. This colourful and fascinating journey will also give children a peek into their heritage, a feel of their roots and a better appreciation of the different cultures that make up Singapore.

Cool Science Investigation (Dec 05)

This is a fun-filled science themed holiday programme. In 3 days, children will take on the role as Cool Science Investigators (CSI) to investigate and learn the “science” behind everyday life situations and the world around them. Leading them in their investigations are Dr Whiz and his team of Science Investigators: Amy Aero, Barry Botany, Hazy Hydro and Sally Solar, just to name a few.

Some of their investigations will include:

Air and its power. How does air moves? Does it have force and power? How strong can a wind blow? Make a wind sock and anemometer.

Water, its form and shape. What causes waves to form? How do tsunamis occur? What happens when water freezes? Make ice cream and a “wave” bottle.

Light and the energy in light. How is energy harnessed from the sun? What lights up a bulb? Why we should not wear black on a hot day? Make a periscope and a solar powered fan.

Earth and its inhabitants. Who do we share our planet with? What creatures roam the earth often unseen? How old is that tree? Why do leaves always have a pointed tip?

Dr Whiz will guide the children to find out the answers to these questions and many more through discovery and exploration.

  Holiday Camps Holiday Camps

Around The World In 4 Days (June ’05)

“Around the World in 4 Days” is a fun-filled cultural themed holiday programme. In 4 days, children will be transported to 4 different countries: Japan, India, Mexico and France. Children will learn interesting information about the countries that they visit and experience their unique language, culture & traditions, music and songs, food, arts and craft.

Children will get to experience these countries without ever leaving Singapore!

The camp is also a valuable learning opportunity for children. Through their “travels”, they will learn more about these countries and their people. Such an exposure will promote a better understanding other cultures apart from our own.

It is a treat for the 5 senses! For 4 days, the children will experience the popular sights and unique sounds of these countries. They will also get to make and taste some of the popular food of the country that they visit. When their 5 senses are engaged, discovery and learning becomes more meaningful and definitely fun!

Each child will have his/her own “passport” for arrivals and departure at these countries and record his/her memorable experiences.

“Travel Nuggets”

Be mesmerized by interesting facts about your host country.

“The Celebration”

Celebrate like the locals do by participating in traditional songs and dances.

“Local Lingo”

Learn some local lingo as well as be spellbound by local folklores and fables that have been passed down through generations.

“The Artist”

Try out your hand at some artwork and create beautiful masterpieces to bring home from your host country.

“Food, Glorious Food!”

Savour the local delights, learn about its origins and how to make them.

MASH Camp (December ’04)

Specially crafted, our programme aims to build your child’s creativity and assertiveness while fostering good disciplines, attitudes and behaviour leading to the development of positive mindsets. At the same time, children will learn social cohesion and cooperation in a unique and exciting environment. Children can look forward to receive a certificate of completion together with their team photo at the end of the camp.

Programme Highlights:

Mathematical Thinking

Children will be taught mathematical concepts to solve physical puzzles and problems from different perspectives using simple heuristics.

Action-packed Activities

Children will strengthen their motor and manipulative skills; learn combination locomotion, advanced hand-eye coordination and axial movement. They will then go through a structured 8-step problem-solving and thinking process model.

Spatial Awareness

Children will be challenged to sharpen their visual perception, estimation, navigation and mapping skills. Given a physical problem, children will be prompted with carefully crafted questions and guided through logical and lateral development of ideas.

High Intensity Programme

At the Park, children will test their confidence by going through several specially designed obstacle courses. Children will work in teams to clear the obstacles. Finally they will explore the surroundings in their teams and look for hidden “treasures”.

  Holiday Camps Holiday Camps
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Circus Circus (June ’04)

3 Days Half

Magic, clowns, balloons, and cotton candy. Ever thought of running away to the circus as a child? Well, if your child has ever threatened to do so you won’t have to worry, because he won’t have to go far.

This june holidays, Learning Horizon is bringing the circus to the centres!

“Circus! Circus!” is a fun-filled circus themed holiday programme. Children will learn magic tricks, create colourful clown attire, do “tight-rope walking”, learn how to juggle with beanbags and many other fun circus activities.

Toss & Tumble

Beanbag juggling, pantomime, “tight-rope walking” are some of the activities that the children will be doing.

Magic-On-A-Shoe String

Bring out the magician in each child. By just using everyday objects, the children will be taught magic tricks that will amaze their friends.


The children will be given the opportunity to create their very-own clown outfit. Each child will be given a t-shirt to work on. With the art materials provided, they can customize the t-shirt to their liking.

Circus Fun Day!

Pop Corn, Cotton Candy, Balloon Sculpturing. It’s a circus carnival in the centre. Also, be dazzled by a surprise visit from a Clown/ Magician / Gypsy. Look out also for a mini-show by the young magicians. Parents are also invited to join in the Circus Fun Day!

Dickens (December ’03)

Dickens is a four days camp based on the works of Charles Dickens. The children focus on one of his most famous novels, Oliver Twist. They learn aspects of speech and drama and how to apply them into their acting. At the end of the camp, the children stage their own play. Their involvement spans from backstage to performance.

During the camp, there are lots of interesting discussions, quizzes, and exciting theatre games.

Champs Champs (June ’03)

This camp comprises of four full days of sports and other exciting activities. The children are occupied with activities such as Mini tennis, Smart science, Creative Writing, Speech and Drama, Recycling Projects, and excursions. These activities are specially designed to help nurture confident and independent children, who are all-rounders.

Adventure Camp (December ’02)

Exposes children to an array of different sports. Over the four days, the children get a chance to try out tennis, golf, swimming, and dance. They learn the basic principals and techniques of each sport and are coached by professionals.

This camp aims to foster confidence and independence in the children through sports and an array of other sports related activities. The last day of the camp is a sleepover. The children learn to pitch tents and start campfires. They learn campfire songs and games and get a chance to interact with children from different walks of life.

Outbound Kids (June ’02)

This camp is centered on nature and the environment. Two educational trips out into nature will bring the children out of the ‘classroom’ and in contact with the wild outdoors. New programmes such as ‘Nature Works’, ‘Groundnut Day’, ‘Potter’s Wheel’, and ‘Nature’s Studio’ will give the children hands-on experience with the wondrous workings of nature. They will have the opportunity to learn about different kinds of flora and fauna as well as explore the outdoors through more discerning eyes.

This camp aims to foster in the children independent learning and a greater love and respect for nature. The activities are very hands-on and will allow the children to independently explore and discover new things.

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