Participants will learn fundamental principles and concepts used in Arts, Science, Technology and Engineering as they immerse themselves in their favourite superheroes and villains of marvel. Additionally, they will take on the role of the Agent of SHIELD to protect the world from the villains by designing and programming the next-generation gadgets with the help of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3/ 

The camp will focus on the following areas: 

  • Science and Chemistry: Discover the characteristics of Symbiotes (found in Spiderman) and how they bond to their hosts, controlling their actions 
  • Technology: Learn the fundamentals behind gadgets found in the Marvel universe and how coding, as well as robotics, are related 
  • Engineering Design Thinking Process 
  • Real-World Problem Solving: Engage in various missions to save the world while designing and programming the appropriate gadgets to accomplish these missions