Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

A multi-disciplinary educational approach that focuses on developing essential skills for our students to succeed in the future. Students are posed with real-world problems instead of textbook challenges.


The 3 Pillars of our Learning Pedagogy

Problem Solving

Design Thinking

Logical Thinking


  • Since 2017, our team has been working with various Educational Institutions to extend the reach of our belief in STEM Education.
  • Our professional training packages are aimed at equipping more educators with the capability and teaching pedagogy of an Inquiry-Based lesson rather than an instructional one.
  • We also offer education consultancy for passionate educators interested in setting up their own STEM-Based Educational Institutes.

Our professional training packages can be customized according to your institution’s needs.


  • Our program brings Science concepts to life for children through enjoyable experiments and activities aligned with the primary school curriculum. We cover different themes to suit various age groups, fostering engagement and curiosity in learning.
  • Children are taught to connect Science concepts with real-world examples, encouraging scietific thinking and investigative skills through various challenges.


  • Our innovative program introduces children to the exciting worlds of Robotics and Coding.
    • Every child is encouraged to explore diverse techniques in designing and programming robots using various models and applications.
    • Children will be guided to use code to create algorithms that will develop their sequencing abilities.
  • The program covers sequential, loop, and conditional programming, utilizing child-friendly and effective tools like Lego Spike, Dash, ScratchJr, and Tynker, making learning enjoyable. Children will explore different robots and applications based on their skill levels, fostering a dynamic and personalized learning experience.


  • Our curriculum is developed with a focus on the 3 Pillars of Learning Pedagogy and STEM Education with everything you need to start your own STEM Programme in your respective Educational Institutions.
  • Curriculum packages are available for Preschool and Primary Levels and are customizable according to your institution’s needs.

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