Our parents are constantly updated on their child’s progress via monthly/termly e-bulletins and regular engagements that ranges from Parent-Child sessions, progress assessment cards and more.

“Your class had given Ahrenn a wonderful opportunity to learn and express himself freely in a creative and comfortable environment. He thoroughly enjoys attending the classes and always has lots of fun. The final performance at the end of the year is a fantastic display of how the children grow in confidence. “

- Mr Amil Lopez (Parent of Ahrenn)

“The teachers are observant and know their children well. They give valuable advice to parents during the Parents-Teacher feedback session. ”

- Mr. Tan (Parent of a N2 child)

“Yan Wen has always enjoyed himself learning through the different enrichment programmes. The vast variety of programmes arouses his curiosity, promotes his creative thinking and excites him to want to learn more.

- Mrs. Tan Lay Khim (Parent of K2 child)

“The Speech & Drama lessons allow my children to express themselves and give them an avenue to exercise their creativity. They come home and tell us the stories that they have heard, make us act with them, and even recite poems and tongue twisters to us! ”

- Mdm. Chong (Parent of N2 and K1 children)

“I am so glad to see the children were really in good hands. Thank you so much for making this arrangement and a big thank you to all who took good care of the children! ”

- Ms Salina Samsu (Principal of Small Wonder @ Nordcom II)

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